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Weekly choices of Xinhua photo (July 31 - Aug.

How many of us have dreamed of writing a book of our own? A book full of so much truth and real-life experiences that in strikes our readers and pulls them in. The true story of our early years. A story about a remarkable friendship. A timeless love story. A war story of survival. Or maybe Nike Air VaporMax 97 Scontate , an overarching life story that recaps an entire, vivid lifetime.

Despite our innate desire to share our story, there are also common factors holding us all back. Most are inward battles. But rest assured you're not alone. Every writer and writer-to-be fights inner turmoil-especially when they're about to bare their soul with a true story.

Whatever true story you want to write, here are some questions and answers on breaking barriers and getting started.

Who wants to hear about my life? Your family. Your friends. Your community. Everyone who cares about you wants to hear about your life.

I don't know what to say about my life. Luckily Nike Air VaporMax Plus Scontate , prompts or pictures can guide you. Find a list of prompts online that help lead the life story writing process. You can also break out old photo albums and reminisce. Both tactics remind you how much you have to say about your life.

My family already knows me pretty well. Writing about your life from beginning to end or intensely focusing on a particular episode often brings up untold stories and memories. So even if you think your family knows you well, putting what they know and more down on paper will still be a gift to them and others.

I don't know where to start. There is no right or wrong place to start. Some start at the beginning. Some start at the end. Some write backwards and forwards or in perfect order. Write what flows and what you feel. Worry about connecting the dots later.

Once you get past the noise in your head, the words will spill out of your heart and through your hands, onto the page of your very own book. Should you need assistance at any step via ghost writing Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Scontate , proofreading, editing, or publishing, then contact a Raconteur writer or publishing consultant to help. We make book dreams come true for storytellers throughout Louisiana Nike Air VaporMax Scontate , as well as those across the country who we are happy to consult with over the phone or in person.

Author is an expert article writer who has written many articles related to story writing. Currently, She is writing content on Writing book Louisiana

Hold Assassin鈥檚 Creed Cosplay party is not that easy for our fanatics who pursuit the perfect protagonists鈥?appearance just like the lifelike one from the game. A game designed around the power struggle faced by a country during its evolution which combines the best in history and present-day technology, is the best description of the latest edition of the Assassin鈥檚 Creed franchise. Definitely, you guys expected the 3 series-Assassin鈥檚 Creed III badly for a long time Nike Air Max 1 Scontate , yeah, it features the heroics of Connor who is fighting the British soldiers involved in a war with the American revolutionaries. The game would be set in Boston, New York and the wilderness as well.

The players would be travelling through a range of situations including open field battles, guerrilla warfare and specific missions in this edition. New video game activates new Assassin鈥檚 Creed Cosplay season for our fans without doubt Nike Air Max 97 Scontate , even more there are massive anime fans do Uta no Prince-sama Cosplay or K-ON Cosplay. And while doing this, they would also familiarise themselves with the heroes of the American revolution and plan together campaigns to protect the nation.

SEOUL, Aug. 7 (Xinhua) -- Gasoline and diesel consumptions in South Korea hit a new quarterly high in the April-June quarter due to cheap crude oil and the so-called golden holiday in May, a government report showed Monday.

Consumption of gasoline and diesel Nike Air Max 98 Donne Scontate , which are used for transport fuel, reached new highs of 20 million barrels and 43 million barrels each in the second quarter, up 3.6 percent and 3.8 percent respectively from a year ago, according to the Ministry of Trade Nike Air Max 98 Uomo Scontate , Industry and Energy.

It was attributed to low crude oil prices, an increase in traffic volume in May that had the so-called golden holidays such as the Children's Day and the Buddha's Birthday, and the rising number of passenger cars.

Naphtha consumption expanded 4.5 percent over the year to 160 million barrels in the quarter on demand from the oil refining companies.

But consumption of Bunker-C oil, which is used for power plants Nike Air Max 98 Supreme Scontate , tumbled 31.8 percent, while LPG consumption fell 0.9 percent on the falling number of LPG-powered vehicles.

Consumption of all oil products reached 234 million barrels in the June quarter, up 1.4 percent from a year earlier.

Oil product exports declined 4.2 percent to 119 million barrels, but the exports value of oil products jumped 14.6 percent to 7.2 billion U.S. dollars thanks to higher product prices.

Crude oil imports inched down 0.7 percent to 265 million barrels in the cited period as oil refiners did maintenance works of some of their factories.

Research vessel "Kexue" leaves Shenzhen for scientific expedition

Tourists enjoy scenery of Diaoshuilou Waterfall in NE China

Farmers busy with farm work across China

Old castle attracts tourists in China's Shanxi

Weekly choices of Xinhua photo (July 31 - Aug. 6)

In pics: Daofu Tibetan houses in SW China's Sichuan

In pics: lotus flowers amid morning mist in E China

1st high speed railway in Inner Mongolia starts operation

FRANKFURT Nike Air Max 98 Gundam Uomo Scontate , July 25 (Xinhua) -- The following are the foreignexchange reference rates of euro to other currencies at theEuropean Central Bank on Tuesday: