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sing trend for young wome

BUENOS AIRES Air Jordan Retro 11 For Sale , Sept. 17 (Xinhua) -- Dakar Rally 2016 will begin on Jan. 3 in Buenos Aires, after Peru decided not to participate in the race, the organizers announced on Thrusday.

According to Argentine media, ASO (Amaury Sports Organization), organizers of Dakar Rally, said the race will begin on Jan. 3 and will have 13 stages, the same number as usual, and will also have special stages.

"Thanks to the great work of our teams Air Jordan Retro Low For Sale , the rally's route has changed a little bit but the spirit of the race remains the same," said Marc Coma, Dakar Rally Sports Director.

The special stages will have less dunes and more technical tracks during the first three days, until arriving to San Salvador de Jujuy, in Argentina. Later, the new route was designed to link Bolivia, where it will end, as it was first intended.

"Before arriving at Uyuni Air Jordan Retro 1 For Sale , in Bolivia, the drivers will go through a new 'marathon' stage," said Coma adding that "we will include a close park in Jujuy so the assistance vehicles will anticipate towards Uyuni."

Dakar Rally 2016 was supposed to start from Lima and remain four days in Peru. But last August Peru announced they will not participate because they have to face the weather phenomenon known as "El Nino."

"El Nino" causes strong rains in the Pacific Ecuadorian region.

by Xinhua writers Cheng Lu and Zhou Yan

BEIJING, March 19 (Xinhua) -- Wang Jing is haunted by her reflection: the looking glass frames a crooked mouth and numb, motionless cheeks.

In the pursuit of perfection, last year the 31-year-old former office worker from Shanghai went under the knife in Seoul, Republic of Korea (ROK). She hoped bigger eyes and a V-shaped face would help her find a handsome boyfriend and improve her employment prospects.

Glancing through her old photos, many would struggle to find fault with the fair skin and small round face captured in the snapshots Air Jordan 13 Altitude 2017 For Sale , but not Wang:"I wasn't beautiful enough for my ex-boyfriend, who left me for a younger, more attractive girl."

Wang is one of a growing number of Chinese women who travel to the ROK for cosmetic surgery but have been left with lasting physical -- and emotional -- scars after botched operations.

According to the ROK Ministry of Health and Welfare, approximately 210,000 medical tourists visited the reputed "kingdom of plastic surgery" in 2013. Chinese tourists made up 26.5 percent and topped the list.


When Wang decided to go to Seoul, she felt she was fully prepared and understood the procedure. She had watched adverts promoting "magical" Seoul face-lifts on the Internet, and had been impressed by the "before-and-after" images.

At Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, she asked for a procedure that would give her extra fold in her eyelids. She was persuaded Jordan 13 Altitude 2017 For Sale , however, into accepting at least two other operations including one on her cheekbones to give her a V-shaped face, considered the height of feminine beauty in much of East Asia.

The operations cost her nearly 120,000 yuan (19,000 U.S. dollars).

"I was told there was no risk. After the operation, the doctor said I would recover in a few months. Obviously, I didn't."

When she returned to China, she sought help from several hospitals but was told the damage was permanent and irreversible.

Instead of boosting her confidence Air Jordan 13 GS Bordeaux For Sale , the surgery ruined her life. She found it difficult to eat. She lost her job, faced an array of medical problems and slipped into a black depression.

In a fit of rage, Wang flew back to Seoul for retribution, but she was beaten up by the hospital's security guards, she said.

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, however, refute Wang's accusations. In an email interview with Xinhua, it said the operations had been successful and Wang's crooked mouth was the result of something she had done deliberately.

In addition Jordan 13 GS Bordeaux For Sale , it said that Wang had fabricated the assault story as there were no security guards stationed at the hospital.


There is a rising trend for young women in China to undergo cosmetic surgery.

However, unlicensed doctors, shoddy but costly operations and fraudulent intermediary services are too regular an occurrence in the booming, yet poorly regulated, medical tourist industry.

Media reported more than 20,000 cosmetic surgery institutions are operating in ROK. But data from the Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons showed that only 1,500 of them registered in the association and 2,100 plastic surgeons got license.

The "ghost doctors" who stand in for experienced surgeons and perform actual surgeries are an open secret in the industry.

Cho Soo Young Air Jordan 13 Love Respect For Sale , public relations director of the association, suggested customers check doctor's qualification on its website before making the decision.

Many overseas students and travel agencies moonlight as intermediaries for hospitals in Seoul, reaping as much as 50 percent of the operation's fees.

In addition, Chinese patients are often charged twice or three times the amount ROK citizens pay, said former actress Jin Weikun.

Jin, 26, reshaped her face and augmented her breasts last year to "improve her career". She was left with a plethora of medical problems.

In response, she set up the group "Fight to Win" on messaging app WeChat Jordan 13 Love Respect For Sale , which now has more than 200 Chinese members, including men, who claim to have been left disfigured after going under the knife in Seoul.

Few, however, have any supporting medical documentation, such as invoices or pre-surgery agreements, which makes it almost impossible to claim compensation. Many members of the group now struggle with depression and some have even attempted suicide, Jin said.

Societal pressure and the misconception that being beautiful is a shortcut to success are often cited by patients as the reasons they chose cosmetic surgery.

"They promised me a high-bridged nose and a low.