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but they've also partnered

If you are planning for an all inclusive great vacation with your family or even alone then one of the places to consider is the amazing island of Rhodes. Rhodes is a complete holiday resort with many vacation treasures for you to explore. With the unique Rhodes Holidays ideas the place will get you completely addicted and it will get you coming back year after year.

For a thrilling vacation experience you can take part in the exciting sports that the island offers during Rhodes Holidays. The sporty Rhodes Holidays will not only get you active and physically fit but also take your mind off the routine boring life.

The beautiful beaches of Rhodes and the well developed structures offering sea sports are ideal for the tourists to endorse themselves into physical activities. A vast range of athletic installations and sport facilities on the island can cater to everyone?s tastes and ages A. J. Cann Jersey , from sailing to golf and from tennis to soccer.

Sports activities in Rhodes:

On the hospitable island of Rhodes, sports serve as a big pleasure. Like any typical paradise, Rhodes offers a fantastic opportunity for all the water sport enthusiasts. Sea sports unite all the local people and foreigners while enjoying the hot sun and the bounty of Mother Nature.

Rhodes offers a wide variety of sports activities suitable for everyone from children to aged persons. Including almost everything from horse riding and bowling, to games like bungee jumping and paintball war games, everything is offered here. Following are some of the popular sports for Rhodes Holidays.


Windsurfing is known to be one of the most favourite pastimes on Rhodes. Training sessions for exclusive windsurfing are available from beginner to fully advanced levels.


Paragliding is a popular and most relaxing sports activity at Rhodes Island. It is truly a wonderful experience to let the wind and the boats do all the work as one glides through the air.


With the exceptionally picturesque scenario, all the golf enthusiasts find a perfect panoramic green spot to play golf in Rhodes. The common facilities available at the golf courses here include clubhouses with bars, equipment hire and changing rooms.

Water Sports:

Rhodes holidays are perfect for all kinds of water sports. From beginner level to professionals, all facilities and equipment are easily available. Popular water sports for Rhodes Holidays are snorkelling, scuba diving, deep diving, swimming, fishing, boating, sailing, surfing and many more. The world class beaches in Rhodes have no match and are a paradise for all water sports lovers.


With a large number of nature sports, hills and scenic landscapes, the island is great for hikers and trekkers. Tourists can benefit from the beautiful mountain trails and tours arranged by different companies from time to time.

Sports At All Inclusive Hotels:

Staying at one of the all inclusive resorts, hotels during Rhodes holidays or even living near one will give you access to many sports facilities like snooker, tennis, bowling, badminton, squash, swimming pools etc.

There are well developed sports facilities available all over the island. Taking part in these sports activities will make you lively and fit during your Rhodes Holidays.

by Marcus DiPaola

CHICAGO, May 29 (Xinhua) -- Uber driver Glen Snower loves his BYD Auto e6. As a driver for the American-based taxi service, he decided to work using an electric vehicle.

"I haven't been to a gas station in a year, except to get some water and some gum, and right now the gas prices are going up again, and it just puts more money in my pocket and less pollution in the air," he told Xinhua.

Uber, an American international transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California, lets drivers use their personal cars to drive around customers, but they've also partnered with GreenWheels, a Chicago-based eco-friendly automotive company to lend the BYD Auto e6 to drivers to use as a taxi.

Of course, riders want to use a taxi that is comfortable. Snower told Xinhua that the e6 meets that requirement: "It's full- size, very comfortable. It's a workhorse, it's got a lot of room in the back, a great entrance for people getting in and out, good trunk space, and dependable," he said.

The e6, a plug-in electric vehicle, needs to be charged between uses. Snower says that he takes lunch or dinner breaks while charging his e6, which he says gets about 200 miles (322 kilometers) per charge.

Thankfully, finding charging stations in Chicago isn't a challenge, according to Uber. "GreenWheels and BYD have both been investing in and building out (electric vehicle) infrastructure in Chicago, and the partnership was a natural fit for this pilot," Uber spokesperson Lauren Altmin told Xinhua.

Altmin says that Uber set up an informational session for electric vehicles and that dozens showed up. "More people were interested because electric vehicles are not things you see on the streets typically, and when you do, people notice, especially in the states," she said. "This is something people, especially in Chicago are interested in hearing about."

As BYD Auto has already moved into the U.S. fleet market with both its e6 and electric bus. Volvo, owned by Zhejiang Geely, a Chinese multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Hangzhou, is preparing to ship the first-ever China-made vehicle targeted at the American consumer, the Volvo S60. Additionally, Guangzhou Automobile Group debuted the GS4 compact SUV at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, saying they would aim to make 2017 their first year of selling cars in the

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