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锘? When you hear the word ?summertime? … te-Jersey/ , do you usually think of basking in the sun on the beach? Do baseball, boating or gardening come to mind? If summertime makes you think about picnicking, then, this article is intended for you. A well planned picnic is the ultimate social occasion. The picnic is about spending time with family and friends and nature in a glorious outdoor setting.

People of all ages love the idea of having picnics. They are a lot a lot of fun, and get people out of the house and into the fresh air. Many people spend more time indoors than they should … te-Jersey/ , and a picnic is a great way of getting them reacquainted with family, friends and the outdoors. People, who go to picnics, improve both their mental and physical health and feel a lot better for it. A Sunday picnic with the socializing, games and outdoor activity guarantees a good nights sleep. Monday morning you'll wake up with a clear head … te-Jersey/ , a new bounce in your step and ready to face whatever the world brings your way.

If you decide to organize a picnic, here are some suggestions for you to consider. The right picnic gear for you depends a lot on what type of picnic you are planning. Will there be just two people, or will it be more like 200? Will you be carrying food to the site or cooking at the site? What about activities and entertainment?

For a small group there is a vast amount of convenient picnic gear available. There is picnic baskets, backpacks, totes and all sorts of containers to carry hot or cold foods and liquids. Many have all the necessary eating utensils. Some have cheese cutting boards and picnic blankets that are waterproof on one side. There are also duffels containing portable propane grills with all the tools.

For larger groups … te-Jersey/ , just think on a larger scale. The food problem is easily solved if every one brings a covered dish. For cooking at the site, there are many parks and picnic groves with grills and picnic benches in place. They may also have a pavilion and soft ball diamond. You will probably have to supply the charcoal, ice and ice tubs at these locations.

The food always tastes great at picnics but at some point we have to push the plate back and get a little exercise and entertainment. The exception to this is the picnic for two. Time seems to fly by with just a light meal, a bottle of wine, a little hand holding and a lot of talk about the past … te-Jersey/ , present and future.

Here's some activity suggestions for a medium size group. Bring a ball or Frisbee and play some catch. Don't forget the family dog. They love picnics and certainly add some fun. Choose a place where you can do a little fishing. A little pinochle anyone? How about a walk down the nature trail? Don't forget the watermelon.

If you plan on having a lot of guests, choose activities many people can enjoy at one time, either as a participant or spectator. How about softball, sack races or three legged races. Bingo works for the more sedate set. You will need some inexpensive prizes. The kids (adults too) love a treasure hunt. Kids also like pony rides and clowns. Seek guest volunteers with talents, such as … te-Jersey/ , a person with grilling expertise.Traveling minstrels andor jugglers add a lot of charm. Toward evening, bring on a polka band, and things will really get lively. How about forming a barbershop quartet?

More suggestions:
If possible, reserve your location well in advance. Many forest preserve and state picnic sites are completely booked before the season even begins.
Delegate the work. You'll find that family members and close friends are eager to help.
Your picnic gear should include sun block and bug spray, Various candles … te-Jersey/ , smoke bombs and portable bug lites (zappers) are available. Fresh mint will keep bees away.
A first aid kit and someone who knows how to use it a must.
As it becomes dark a couple of lanterns or flash lights may become necessary for the trip to the outhouse etc. Also, don't forget the toilet paper.
Avoid bringing glass. Nothing dampens the picnic spirit faster than a nasty cut from a piece of broken glass. Biodegradable products are by far the best choice.
Add enough trash bags to your picnic gear. Picnics generate a large amount of trash and you don't want to leave any for the next picnicker.
Try to de-emphasize alcoholic beverages and emphasize the food, activities, fellowship and good conversation. A great picnic can be ruined by alcohol over indulgence.

Planning a picnic is really hard work. Especially for a novice. The reward is watching all your friends and loved ones enjoy life and each other because of your efforts. I bet you and your guests will want to make this picnic an annual event.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your meticulous planning has created a marvelous picnic.
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The author of this article, Jim Harder … te-Jersey/ , is the publisher of fun-home-products. He is interested in all aspects of family friendly home products and activities. Find out more about picnic gear at fun-home-productspicnic. This article has no copyright and you may copy it and use it as you wish. Please do not delete the authors links.

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