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#1 14-08-2019 12:38:39

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child labour in india

In India, the situation of labour class people is not good they work only for living daily life. After independence in 1947 many people making use of a child as labour, who is below 14 years old. Child labour prohibition act was established in 1986 (child labour act in india), In reality, that action was against for those people who are making use of a child as a labour.
Nowadays If you think that law is completely followed in India then you are wrong because in reality you can normal seen little children on the roadside or in a railway station. there they are coming for begging and selling little things such as pencil, umbrella, etc. instead of that prohibition act you have seen normally a little child working as a labour in factories, Dhaba, hotels, so the condition of child labour in india is not improving, rather than it is worse.