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Vikings vs. Rams: Three things to watch Itís a short week for the Minnesota Vikings Rashod Hill Jersey , hopefully the team has a short memory, because it sure has been a short, but long week. The Los Angeles Rams look to take on a Vikings team that was basically stunned last week, while Minnesota is looking to prove that the game against Buffalo was a fluke. Hereís three things to look out for:3. A blitz-friendly defenseI donít recall seeing a whole lot of blitzing last week, then again I didnít see a whole lot of the game because I was working. From what was on social media, I think it's fair to say that there wasnít much aggressive play calling last week. Not as much as the fans wanted to see, at least. One play that really gets me pumped is when the defense sends in either Harrison Smith or Andrew Sendejo to blitz the quarterback. Both are very quick, and if effective can pressure the quarterback in under three seconds. With Todd Gurley in the backfield, blitzing will help with filling the gap in the trenches. It will also help put the pressure on Jared Goff. Minnesota canít allow Goff anytime to throw the ball. If the Vikings allow Goff to get the ball off with no pressure, then itís going to be a long day for that secondary Tom Compton Jersey , just look at last week. The Vikings aren't the same team without that aggressive demeanor. 2. Pat Elflein There is just something about Elfleinís return that just makes me feel all warm and cozy inside. Probably because heís a big safety blanket, and a type of player that canít be replaced, easilyElflein, last yearís Vikings Rookie of the Year will finally be able to begin his sophomore campaign. He also will help build that consistency on the line that fans and probably players have been waiting for. He started in 14 games last season, as well as the two playoff games. Elflein was a star at Ohio State. He started in 53 consecutive games before his injury against Carolina last season during week 14. Elflein gives that veteran type feel, even though itís only his second year in the league. He reminds me of Matt Birk, Iím truly excited to have him back in the lineup, and Iím sure Kirk Cousins is too. 1. Kirk Cousins will have a ďcompleteĒ gameI donít mean that heís going to play the whole game, well he is, but thatís not what Iím getting at. Last week against Buffalo Dan Bailey Jersey , Cousins had a horrible first half, but a respectable second half, despite getting rolled over all together. As much as I would love to see the run game get rolling, I believe the Vikings will focus on the pass game with the Ramsí defensive backs being a little shaken up.The offense will try and expose that area of the defense as much as possible. Hopefully Cousins will get some more time to throw the ball or at least feel more protected with Elflein back in the lineup. Cousins will throw the ball about, Iím going to say 48 times for 425 yards and three touchdowns. *****My final thoughts and predictions:I never know what to expect out of the defense sometimes. I get the defense is one of the best in the league, but definitely not the most consistent. The Rams offense is loaded with weapons on all fronts. I feel that Zimmer and Edwards will figure out a solid game plan to shut down the offense. If anyone is more upset about the result last week itís Zim. Vikings will find a way to pull it off and prove that the game against the Bills was a fluke. Vikings win 27-21. Good morning Horners! The possibility of the Minnesota Vikings throwing a 50 burger against the Detroit Lions this Sunday may seem ridiculous, but that is exactly what Dave is calling for. The old men, Ted Glover, Drew Bunting, and Dave Stefano discussed the possibility in this episode of GMG.Ted rejoins us after taking time out for a little champagne tasting to discuss the beautiful victory over the Miami Dolphins last week. The awesome defensive play there resulted in 9 sacks and shutting down the Fins after a giveaway touchdown and a fluky explosive run. Comments were made on the differences seen in playcalling by Kevin Stefanski versus John DeFilippo and how the offense was more productive than it had been in a while. There was still the angst over Kirk Cousins and his seemingly one or two bad plays a game that results in points for the other team. If the Vikings are getting hot this time of the season Brett Jones Jersey , not only on the defense but on the offense, if those mistakes are eliminated going into the playoffs, the possibilities can actually be super. Consistency in the maximizing of assets in playcalling will have any opponent not wanting to play the Vikings.Consistency in the maximizing of assets in playcalling and minimizing Kirk Cousins turnovers will be keys for Vikings success.Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty ImagesThe depth on the defense has shown itís worth so far this season with outstanding play by not only Anthony Harris but with Mackensie Alexander really starting to step up his game, along with Holton Hill proving to be the best undrafted rookie free agent signing probably since Adam Thielen.Drew runs Dave and Ted through another round of Way or No Way. There are some interesting questions about the dynamic duo of Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen, Kyle Rudolphís performance, and another that leads to that 50 burger prediction. From our lips to Odinís ears letís all hope it is so! How would you have answered those questions? Please post below.We are interested to hear what you think. Like, subscribe, and ring that damn bell! Then shout SKOL! As always, enjoy the watch!