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锘?p>Season 33 is my first full season back since my time away from the game. Within the first two weeks my win percentage was near 25% and I had a few horses I was already high on. I was feeling positive about my stable Julian Edelman Jersey Black Friday , then the streak happened.

I ran last in 3 horse races, my horses were caught at the wire for wins or minor board spots, and any decision I made with jockey instructions or race entries seemed to be the wrong ones.My win percentage plummeted to 12% and I knew I had to find ways to get my win percentage up.

This exercise sets to find ways on how to dig yourself out of the bad streaks. Losing can be frustrating Rob Gronkowski Patriots Jersey , but sometimes losing can be apositivelesson if you step back and learnfrom it.

If you change nothing, nothing will change

When things go bad on the race track, the best way to try to improve your results are to make changes. Below is my list I refer to when going through such a streak or when I feel Im not getting the most from a horse Im high on.

Changing Adds The most obvious way to improve performance might be a changing of equipment. If your horse has similar workout times with different adds (tongue tie Julian Edelman Patriots Jersey , shadowroll, blinkers or a combination of the 3) a changing to a different add or add combo might be all thats needed to get over the top. Note: Even changing to an add that has slightly slowerfinal workout time may yield more favorable results.

Below is an example of one of my horses improving with a different add

Bonus Credit Bonanza Example

I was high enough on the works for Bonus Credit Bonanza I put him in the added Create Maiden Shotgun races. He got 2nd on debut, but I felt like he wasnt on par with his competition as he had the rail draw and a 7lb apprentice weight break. I decided to geld and re-enter into another shotgun race and he did win Womens Rob Gronkowski Jersey , but he had rail again and it was just a 3 horse race. I continued on in an allowance in which he was well beaten, then a steep drop in class to 6Kc where he again disappointed. His most recent race I changed from the ST setup that he got his only win with and changed it to a tongue tie (similar workout times). The change to a tongue tie seemed to sharpen his speed and improve his stamina to a career top speed figure. Next well see if he can climb the class level with the tongue tie in his next race.

Claiming I have no good horses! You may say. Claiming horses especially at lower claiming levels from successful and knowledgeable horsemen can provide immediate dividends if you do it right. Following the previous owners lead (if current form is good) or looking outside the box can be a fruitful proposition.

I usually pour over the bottom level claimers for the next day in hopes of adding a handy claimer or a hidden gem at a discount price. The above example is one I recently claimed for the rock bottom price of 3Kc. The risk at this level is very low, but the rewards can be huge especially with a young horse with little to no experience.

Tarynlosthermagic Claim Example

TARYNLOSTHERMAGIC was a first time starter from last seasons Trainer of the Year and leading trainer this season. I would suggest new trainers look closely at the top trainers claimers as those horse tend to be the best bred and some may be spotted at lower levels just to pad win totals. The 2 YO gelding had solid bloodlines Womens Julian Edelman Jersey , the son of multiple graded stakes winner and near millionaireBLACKLAND FARMER(4,200Kc per race) the dam TAYLORLOOKEDFLUSH, however Authentic Rob Gronkowski Jersey , was the complete opposite and a big disappointment on the track. Closer inspection of her pedigree, however, shows two successful parents on the track and a strong broodmare damTAYLORSROYALFLUSHwho passed on her talents to many of her foals (56Kc per foal & 3 Authentic Julian Edelman Jersey ,100Kc per race). The grand dam was also a daughter from prominent sire lineLEAVE NO DOUBT. The dam of our runnerTAYLORLOOKEDFLUSHhad only been bred a few times, but most of her foals were already winners, including 2 YO filly standoutTARYNFOUNDAFLUSH(5-6 80Kc with 2 qualifier wins). I thought why not place the claim.

After winning a claim I review the workouts of the horse to determine if another add can be used if the current form is dark or if an add has been missed by the previous connections. Despite my claim struggling on debut sprinting Rob Gronkowski Jersey , reviewing the workouts closely he appeared to be better suited for classic or route distances. I had also noticed he hadnt tried a shadowroll by itself (had worked and debut with combo add consisting of shadowroll). Instead of rushing him to the races I decided to train him up for his next workout and equip the shadowrollalone. The results of that work were positive and yielded a strong closing kick then his combo add. I then stretched him out to 9F and bumped him up in class a couple of levels and he won going away after enduring a very wide trip.

Changing Distance Sometimes getting more or less racetrack is all a horse needs to unlock hisher potential. Some horses will seem stronger in works as a sprinter or a router, but if the results arent there you may just have to try another distance. This could prove to be an even powerful move if used in combination with a class drop.

Drop and Pop The most commonly used method of improving performance is immediate class relief. If changing addsdistance fail, trying softer foes can be the best remedy. Note: geldings without breeding potential commonly survive the claim box based on this notion alone and can usually drop in class dramatically without risk of being claimed. Under-performing geldings should be dropped in class without hesitation.

Gelding Can improve focus and performance with slow working or poor performing colts. Probably used prematurely in most cases Julian Edelman Jersey , but if there is very little interest in the bloodlines of the colt then it might be the best option. I would suggest trying other methods before employing the ultimTweet

Now and .