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So whether you have two left feet or are a s

A Loving connection is a committed relationship where a couple goes to find ways to remain emotionally close to one another as they navigate the complexities we run into daily.This is a part of the human many do not want to nurture and be vulnerable as it is the emotional part of us we do not always understand.

Susan Athletics Terry Steinbach Jersey , describes the emotional connection she shares with her husband.
It is like we are dancing to our favorite song.When things are going well our steps are in tune and I can almost anticipate my his next move and he can anticipate mine. This lifts me up in ways I can not fully explain.

Being in sync and attuned to the needs and emotional rhythms of your partner are some of the benefits of a good relationship.
Let us look at ways to Nurture Intimacy.
Key ingredients to keep your relationship in top form.

1. Effectively communicating your needs letting your partner know what works and does not.
Healthy communication along with realistic expectations about your partner is essential.
Focus on communicating rather than attacking your partner when shehe fails to meet your needs.

2. The ability to compromise and accept the differences that exist between the two of you.
No matter how attuned you are to each other.You might have different ways to handle stress or express your needs. When you both accept these differences you will create a relationship that allows each others uniqueness to unfold.

3. The ability to forgive your partner.
Forgiveness plays an important role in any relationship. Even with the best intentions, partners end up hurting each other. Without the ability to forgive your partner for hisher blunders and relationship missteps,resentments build. Space is needed for these missteps and gives you the freedom to be yourself.

4. Affirm each others strengths and vulnerabilities.
As you and your partner build this intimate relationship you want the feeling your uniqueness is recognized and appreciated. When your partner acknowledges your victories as well as failures and is supportive when you feel insecure you have bonded closer.

5. Be a consistent and reliable presence for your partner.
Trust is the foundation of a great relationship and if you want to build a stronger connection Athletics Rollie Fingers Jersey , do not make promises you can not keep. We all mess up now and then, but repeatedly failing to be a responsible partner will only erode the foundation of intimacy. Respond to your partner in a consistent way and your relationship will grow beyond your wildest dreams.

Remember, even the best of us fall out of step with each other and if you are like most Athletics Jose Canseco Jersey , your relationship will stumble. Disagreements, misunderstandings and lifes stresses may drive wedges between you temporarily weakening the bonds.

All relationships involve cycles if you assume that you should always feel intensely connected,even soul mates step on each others feet now and then Athletics Catfish Hunter Jersey , you set yourself up for dissappointment.

*It is perfectly normal that you and your partner bounce between connection and disconnection.
*As long as you both give your relationship the attention it deserves, these missteps will be temporary.
*During moments of disconnection, give each other the time needed to regain emotional footing.
*When you are both ready Athletics Mark McGwire Jersey , work toward understanding why these occurred.

Do not allow these misunderstandings to linger indefinitely. Realize you are still two different individuals and see the world differently. So whether you have two left feet or are a skilled dancer,learn to appreciate and enjoy the dance of intimacy as it unfolds in your relationship.

I hope this has given you some food for thought and head for a more loving intimate relationship with your partner.
May you have many Happy Moments
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