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planning to return to the Vegas

up in an electric car driven by ex-Environment Minister Daniel Breton to join her bethrothed … _16_1.html , media mogul Peladeau.Dressed in a cream-coloured gown by Jean Paul Gaultier, Snyder blamed her lateness on the fans who approached her on her journey from her hotel to the museum.There were a lot of people and I thought the least I could do for the people who waited for me to come out of the hotel and who were there for the trip was to take a few photos with them and to greet them, she explained upon arrival.Several hundred onlookers lined the sidewalks and greeted the popular television host with chants of Julie!As she entered the chapel, Snyder, holding the hand of her daughter Romy, said she felt incredibly emotional.She wasn't the only one.Even after 14 years as a couple, her future husband admitted to feeling feverish before the ceremony.I slept badly, and I admit that I'm very nervous, Peladeau said.It's worse than my first question in the National Assembly.Pulling up to the ceremony on a tandem bicycle with his son Thomas, a fleur-de-lys floating in the wind, the Parti Quebecois Leader and principal shareholder of the Quebecor media empire refrained from political statements.Listen, we aren't going to do politics today except to salute National Acadian Day, he said.More than 400 people attended the wedding, billed as the social event of the year, including a number of local music and television stars including Michel Barrette, Guylaine Tremblay, and Michel Rivard -- as well as numerous Parti Quebecois members.Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe took a break from the federal election campaign to attend the wedding with his wife Yolande, accompanied by former Premiers Pauline Marois and Bernard Landry and their spouses.Duceppe declined to cast the event in a political light.I didn't come for that, I came out of friendship, he said.Landry was less discreet, calling the union a powerful symbol for the sovereignty movement.She (Snyder) is a great entrepreneur who succeeded perfectly, and him too.And love unites them … _15_1.html , Landry said.There's a beautiful symbol in that: Quebec's future is neither to the right nor the left, it is in front, in consultation.Quebec City Mayor Regis Labeaume attended and performed the ceremony.Montreal's Mayor Denis Coderre also made the trip.I know Julie Snyder, I know PKP, they invited me to the wedding and it brings me pleasure to be here, Coderre said.And I came to see how my friend Regis will do as an officiant; I did three (marriages) at City Hall earlier, Coderre said.Quebec showbiz was in attendance with performances from Marie-Mai, Jean-Pierre Ferland and Eric Lapointe, with Claude Gauthier and Paul Piche also taking part.Singer Ferland, who performed at the ceremony, had some advice for the newlyweds.Don't divorce too quickly, he said with a laugh.La r ception avec les invit s commence.Il y a de l'amour profusion.Qc) August 16, 2015 Before the glamorous evening, the guests ate a vegetarian meal with Quebecois, First Nations and Thai dishes.An effort was made to ensure only Quebec products were served.Quebec singing star Celine Dion, who is planning to return to the Vegas stage and who is caring for her ailing husband Rene Angelil, was not able to attend.She nevertheless appeared in a video message introducing a singing performance by Romy, Peladeau and Snyder's daughter.As the couple attended Ascot this year Ali looked beautiful in a patterned frock with a high neckline - could this be a something she will opt for on her big day?Lace is very much on-trend with wedding dresses at the moment, so Ali might want to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton - who both opted for lace sleeves on their big white dresses.Ali opted for lace on her sleeves as she accompanied Dec to the National Television Awards back in 2014.The alluring fairy tale that I call the "princess myth" runs deep in many women from an early age.This underlying desire to look and feel like a princess can even overlap into the dream of being a bride -- surrounded by all the glittering trappings the wedding pageantry offers.From my experiences working with thousands of brides through the years, I've seen how intense such a shimmering-in-white, princess-for-a-day desire can be.Indeed, many brides -- of all ages and backgrounds -- not only said they "felt like a princess" when dressed in their bridal finery … _14_1.html , but some women acknowledged this was the main reason for wanting to have a wedding and get married!The Great White WeddingI've even dedicated a book to the intrigue of the "princess myth.Of course, it didn't begin with Princess Diana -- every generation in memory has fallen under the spell of their own princess bride: Marina, Elizabeth, Grace.But the global impact of Diana's gleaming royal wedding in 1981, after nearly two decades of social upheaval, resurrected the appeal of the ritual-rich society wedding and put the stylized bride back into the spotlight.It was the revival of what British historian Ann Monsarrat had deemed, in the sentimental aftermath of Queen Victoria's nuptials in 1840, "the great white wedding.This particular collection of rituals--the dress, the music, the attendants, the cake--all came together to set the standard for generations of wedding-planning mothers through the 1950s.Nonetheless, in a gown designed to evoke fairy-tale imaginings, Lady Diana Spencer -- Queen Victoria's great-great-great-grandson's starry-eyed young bride -- embodied the "princess myth" like no other.And in turn she showed how the fabled, feminine-to-the-core white gown was, indeed, the ubiquitous centerpiece of all this wedding pageantry.The grandest dress of her lifetime," as Carol McD.Wallace in All Dressed in White described the gown that dazzled the imaginations of young women over the decades.This was as glamorous as her life was going to get, as close as Everygirl would come to being royal," the author added.With weddings fashionable again in the heady luxury.