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When the days

When the days began to grow longer Cheap Josh Martin Jersey , and the temperature begins to rise, the calendar becomes almost meaningless. Without even looking at it, I can tell that the season for iced tea has begun. Though I absolutely adore hot tea, there is just something about the iced variety that sings a summer song to me, and I bask in its music as I enjoy the cold, liquid pleasure.
When most people think of iced tea, they get a mind picture of a tall Cheap Terrence Brooks Jersey , frosty pitcher of highly sweetened, amber colored liquid; what I like to refer to as "normal" tea. Black tea is served in most homes and most restaurants whenever someone asks for or orders iced. However, most aficionados, myself included, know that the glory of black tea and its many varieties can at times be superseded by the many types of herbal, green, white Cheap Kony Ealy Jersey , oolong and rooibos. And then, there is Pouching.
Not everyone has heard of Pouchong. In fact, I sometimes get weird looks whenever I mention it in mixed company. I'm not sure what they think I am referring to. My best guess is that people must think I have suddenly lapsed into speaking some odd foreign language. But, I digress. Pouchong tea is a variety that is sometimes classified as green and sometimes as oolong, depending on who is talking.
It has been oxidized very little, so it lacks the jolt of flavor you sometimes get with green tea. It can be a little hard to find Pouchong; you definitely won't find it sitting beside the Lipton in your grocery store! Generally, most people purchase Pouchong from several different online vendors. In my not-so-humble-opinion Cheap DeMario Davis Jersey , it is some of the very best tea in the entire world. It's delicious hot, of course, and just as wonderful as iced tea. Try it unsweetened, as it seems to quench the thirst much better that way.