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Angels Begin Interviewing GM Candidates - RealGM Wiretap
The Los Angeles Angels have begun interviewing internal and external candidates for their vacant general manager position.

Bill Stoneman has taken over the position in an interim capacity since Jerry Dipoto stepped down at midseason.

A decision could ultimately come "shortly after the end of the season nike air max 1 ultra moire mujer , if not before," according to a report by Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register.

Milwaukees Segura Thrown Out Trying To Re Steal Second - RealGM Wiretap

Milwaukee Brewers shortstop Jean Segura committed a unique base-running error on Friday night against the Chicago Cubs.

Segura singled, stole second base, retreated to first in a bizarre rundown, then was caught trying to steal second base again to end the inning.

"Bizarre," veteran umpire crew chief Tom Hallion said. "Technically, he stole second, stole first, then got thrown out stealing second."

Segura reached on an infield single to open the bottom of the eighth inning. After he stole second, Ryan Braun worked a walk. With Rickie Weeks batting, Segura was caught off second base by Cubs pitcher Shawn Camp, who started a rundown between second and third.

Braun did what he was taught and advanced to second, so whatever the result of Chicago's rundown, the Brewers would have a man in scoring position. Braun and Segura both wound up at second base and Cuzzi correctly called Braun out.

The play should have ended there.

But Segura, who had slid headfirst into second, instead started trotting back to Milwaukee's dugout nike air max 95 blancas , thinking he was the man out. Luckily for the Brewers, the Cubs had no one at first, and Segura reached the bag safely. Play resumed with one out and Segura 90 feet further from home than on the previous pitch.

Free Articles Online » How to Build a Website… The Right Way How to Build a Website… The Right Way Published: 14.04.2010 | Author: hunterjordan | Category: Web Design

A quick guide on how to build and design a website, efficiently. The following web site design process will ensure your website is a top your industry now and for years beyond.

Please note that there are an infinite amount of variables that can change how a web site is developed and delivered. Website design projects are never perfectly clear cut and therefore the processsequence must vary from time to time based on requirements, changes, and customer expectations. Los Angeles web design clients who work in Hollywood may be far more critical than say someone from North Dakota who owns a small motel. A store with one product will have fewer website design needs than the Los Angeles Dodgers. This guide will get you started on the right path.

Step 1: Meet and Greet

One will want to start a website design project with a client meeting. Together, the website designer and the customer need to establish what needs to be done, who is responsible for what role (content, images, logo files, design approval), who are all points of contact on both sides, and other specific customer and developer expectations.

Step 2: Brainstorming

As part of the meet and greet, brainstorming is vital. What is the web site for? Who are the competitors? Who is the top competitor? Who are we trying to beat? Who is the target demographic? What is important and what is not? What needs to be on every page of the website? Is this a Website for Los Angeles Website customers only or do people from all over the world come to this site?

Tip: A flowchart is a great tool to use here. Create the home page and stem from that to create all pages you need. Include all features per page that you need such as customer login, clickable PDF files, interactive forms nike air max 95 españa , photo gallery applications, etc.

Step 3: Wireframe or Hand Drawing

Many people have no idea what a wireframe is but in website design this is very important for a designer. A wireframe is a sketch or skeleton drawing of the website pages showing all of the elements and functions the web page should have once designed. A wireframe will include the header (with elements needed), the navigation with all of the buttons required, specific bodymiddle area sections of the page such as an area for flash animation or segmented marketing boxes for different user types, and footer information.

A wireframe does not need to include graphic design elements. It is used to solve, at the get go, any problems or missing elements and acts as the blueprint for your design, content, and coding.

Step 4: Content Planning

With a wireframe and page breakdown it is now time to write the content that needs to go onto every web page. Generally, the client or an outside content writer will put together the content and send to the website design team. Writing content is the largest workload for the client during a website design project and can take a lot of time. ATAK Interactive suggests that you closely look at competitors to make sure you include everything they do best and then beat them.

Step 5: Initial Design

While the customer works on step 4, the website designer can work on the home page design which, once approved, will serve as the canvastemplate for the rest of the site. It is best to design the home page first and once the client approves move on to the rest of the pages.

Step 6: Client Feedback

The customer must view the website design files (home page only) and approve or offer corrections. The customer needs to check that you are meeting expectations and headed in the right directions. This is the time for the customer to offer their expert industry opinion.

Step 7: Design Rework

A little back and forth is required here. A website designer should expect to do a few revisions to each page and the customer should expect an opportunity .