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Oral cortisone

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If you are interested in working at house, take time for you to do some research into legitimate jobs. Quite generally the offers to job at home are not in fact jobs, but affiliate applications or even outright scams. Doing a bit of investigation can conserve you time and cash in the long operate.

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Despite the fact that there are hundreds of variables at play that result in a distinct company being profitable it is possible to do various stuff that will help maintain your self in control. This article is just the beginning with the facts you will be needing to gather so that you can continue increasing the traffic of your property business. Member skin is among the most delicate skin on the body, and therefore it is often prone to developing redness, rashes, and other member skin irritations. In some cases, cortisone is recommended for similar skin conditions elsewhere on the body. But is using cortisone on member skin part of appropriate male organ health? Or can using cortisone damage that delicate manhood covering?

Member skin

It’s understandable that member skin is delicate. In the first place, it’s quite thin. This is so the supersensitive nerve endings that create those unique shivers of pleasure can be readily accessed. It also has to be flexible, capable of growing and shrinking, which is easier when the skin is thin and loose rather than thick and bunched. And, of course, most men keep the member under wraps most of the time, rarely exposing it to sunlight or the elements, so it doesn’t “toughen up” naturally.

With all that in mind, it’s easy to see why member skin can be sensitive to harsh chemicals or excessive friction.


Cortisone is a naturally occurring steroid hormone. It is also available in synthetic form and often used in many over-the-counter and prescription creams. (It is also used in oral form for certain conditions.) These creams have many uses, but they most often treat an inflammatory reaction, which in the case of member skin may mean redness, swelling, rashing, etc. Cortisone is effective against inflammation because it suppresses the immune system.

When used properly (and under a doctor’s guidance), cortisone can be very effective. However, there can be side effects to cortisone use, especially if it is used improperly or in excess. (As with any medication, different people react differently to a treatment; what may be a perfectly tolerable amount of cortisone for Man A may be far too much for Man B.)

Oral cortisone is more likely to have serious side effects (e.g., diabetes, anxiety, insulin resistance, etc.) than application of cortisone in a topical cream form. However, there can be some member skin issues related to using a cortisone-based cream on the male organ. These include thinning of the member skin, skin pigment changes and sometimes infection.


The body’s skin has a thin natural acid “mantle” as well as layers of fatty tissue. If cortisone is used at too high a dose (or sometimes at an appropriate dosage but for too extended a period of time), the cortisone eats away at these layers. Without the protection they provide, the skin can thin out – which, ironically, makes member skin less supple and pliable. That can lead to some discomfort when the member skin expands for tumescence.

More problematically, the acid layer and the fatty tissue help provide protection against bacteria and germs. When these are eroded, it is easier for infections to occur.

Skin pigmentation changes are rarer and are more likely to occur when cortisone is injected rather than applied topically. However, a man with very sensitive member skin should be careful when using cortisone and monitor his member for any signs of pigmentation change.

Consulting with a doctor, even when using over-the-counter cortisone, is advised, especially if using the product on the manhood.

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