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your job with Juergen

MANILA Vans Old Skool Leather Zip Triple Black Pas Cher , Aug. 7 (Xinhua) -- The foreign minister of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), Ri Hong-Yo, said on Monday that his country has no intention to use nuclear weapons against any other country except the United States.

Ri, in Manila to attend the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) Chaussures Vans Old Skool Lite Noir Blanche Pas Cher , said DPRK "is a responsible nuclear power and ICBM state," referring to the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.

"We have no intention to use nuclear weapons or threaten with nuclear weapons against any other country except the U.S., unless it joins action of the U.S. against DPRK," Ri said in a statement to the ARF.

Ri lambasted the U.S. for "trying to internationalize the issue of Korean Peninsula by abusing the United Nations" by claiming that DPRK's possession of nuclear weapons is a "global threat."

He also said that the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula was created and developed into the present phase today by the United States.

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By Oliver Trust

BERLIN Vans Old Skool Canvas Soldes Chaussures Noir Blanche , May 18 (Xinhua) -- Former German national team player and coach Berti Vogts have shared his experience of football education with Xinhua in an interview, with Germany and the United States as examples. He said China is a "sleeping giant" in football that needs to be patient and have a correct national strategy.

Vogts, 68, was youth coach of the German Football Association (DFB) from 1979 - 1990. The 1974 world champion initiated the education program of the German association that led to football academies every professional club had to set up.

After winning the 1996 European Championship with the German team as their national coach he advised the German association to proceed with it`s intense education program for young footballers. In every country Vogts worked as a national coach he initiated a special training program for youngsters.

Xinhua: Mr. Vogts nike air max plus tn ultra blanche , you are a salesman on behalf of football ...

Berti Vogts: ... and it's perhaps why I've caught a cold right now. Air conditioning everywhere when you catch a plane ..."

Xinhua: You still keep traveling around the world though. Why?

Vogts: Football is my life. I guess I still can't live without it.

Xinhua: You played over 400 games in the Bundesliga and won 96 caps for Germany. As a coach, you won the European Championship with Germany in 1996. We hope you can tell us something about the fascination of football.

Vogts: Just take a look at the World Cup. Football is a game that fascinates people around the World like nothing else. Take a look at the United States, a country of American Football, baseball nike air presto ultra flyknit bleu , tennis, and basketball. I recently watches the match against Mexico together with 65,000 spectators. I knew at that point, the slogan "One Nation One Team" is alive and nothing artificial.

Xinhua: You work for the US coach Juergen Klinsmann nike air presto essential noir , one of your former German players before you were in charge of the national teams of Kuwait, Scotland, Nigeria and Azerbaijan. How do you rate the US team in world football in comparison to others?

Vogts: The US is on the way to becoming one of the leading nations in world football. Nowadays it is far from being a developing country in football terms. The US have made ten appearances at the World Cup finals. They have had some good results against top football nations and what more they have a highly competitive national team and league.

Xinhua: What would your advice be to emerging countries like China?

Vogts: Not to be impatient in the first place. China is a sleeping giant if you just take a look at their experience regarding all kinds of sport, not football though air max flair prix , and the number of people that love sports. Chinese are eager to hit new shores and they are ambitious.

Xinhua: To develop as a country in football is it enough to have experience and a big population?

Vogts: Experience helps. I think in China, they know you have to have a solid nationwide plan. It does not help to have a football hotspot in the north or the south. Why do you think China is such a great table tennis nation?

Xinhua: Millions play everywhere ...

Vogts: That's it. And that' s the way for football in China too, it must be the way. But to implement a new sport aside your tradition takes time. You definitely need a strategy for the entire country. You need highly qualified coaches for all regions that work with the same concept. I have heard that football is now a part of the sports curriculum at elementary schools. It's an important start but you have to think about what you can do for 10, 12 air max flair pas cher , 14 or 15 years old. You can't afford to lose them. China needs a table-tennis-like solidity in football.

Xinhua: What do you mean by "not to get impatient"?

Vogts: Progressing to where you can play a big role in football is nothing you can achieve in just two years. It will at least take five, six, well more likely seven years. A once-in-a-life-time success does not help you, constant quality is what you have to go for.

Xinhua: Looking at your job with Juergen Klinsmann and the US slip on vans homme , how important is the national team for a country's development?

Vogts: It is maybe the most important part. But success is not winning the World Cup. It may be a goal in your mind but success is having a team that is improving all the time. Young people want to see a team that is developing and want to see there is a perspective for me in that kind of sport. Being successful means good res. Cheap Minnesota Timberwolves Jerseys   Cheap Houston Rockets Jerseys   Cheap Detroit Pistons Jerseys   Cheap Indiana Pacers Jerseys   Cheap Denver Nuggets Jerseys   Cheap Brooklyn Nets Jerseys   Wholesale Mavericks Jerseys   Wholesale Hornets Jerseys   Wholesale Atlanta Hawks Jerseys   Wholesale Memphis Grizzlies Jerseys



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