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Italy Packages Offering Real Immersion in Local Culture Published: 26.03.2010 | Author: centralholidays | Category: Vacations
Italy is a country with a rich cultural heritage Wholesale Throwback College Jerseys , which attracts travelers from all over the world. For those who wish to explore Italy, packages are available which include tours around some of the greatest architecture of Italy, both old and new. Ancient edifices such as the Coliseum can be viewed, and a package which includes accommodation as well as various activities can provide an exciting vacation without the hassle of organizing each aspect of travel personally.

Romantic Mediterranean Cruises

The slow pace of a Mediterranean cruise is ideal for a romantic getaway such as a honeymoon or simply a vacation with a loved one. There are many beautiful sights to see in the coastal towns of the Mediterranean Wholesale Custom College Jerseys , and a package which includes inland excursions provides the best of both. Those who enjoy diversity can select a cruise along the coasts of Europe, Asia and Africa and can experience the unique attractions of three different continents.

Food-Oriented Italy Vacation Packages

Italy is an ideal destination for food lovers, who appreciate the culinary arts or enjoy good wine. Possible food-oriented vacation packages in Italy include packages which offer professional Italian cooking lessons 鈥?a package including a week-long course in authentic Italian cooking, conducted in a beautiful part of the country Wholesale Authentic College Jerseys , can be an unforgettable experience which also equips participants with a useful skill for life.

Seeing Greece on a Cruise

The Mediterranean is a melting pot of many ancient and rich cultures, and Greece is no exception. In Athens, ancient remnants can be seen at various sites, such as the acropolis Wholesale College Jerseys Online , and seeing Greece on a cruise provides travelers with a way to unravel the mysteries of Greece slowly, at their own leisure. A cruise down rivers passing from Greece to Egypt can provide travelers with a view of two very different countries which both have rich cultural heritage.

Diverse Spain Vacation Packages

Spain is a popular vacation destination, as there are many things to do and see 鈥?it is a country of vivid colors, of sensuality. Ancient Moorish architecture provides great sightseeing possibilities Wholesale College Jerseys From China , and there are many activities worth doing and sights worth seeing in the larger cities of Madrid and Barcelona. Spanish food and wine can be enjoyed on a package designed around these attractions.

Honeymoon in Italy on Packages Touring Romantic Cities

Italian cities such as Rome and Venice have an old-world romance to them that is seductively charming. Newlyweds can honeymoon in Italy on packages which include options so that packages can be tailored to personal preference. Couples can experience being serenaded by a gondolier in a little boat on the waterways of Venice, and afterwards can get lost on the beautiful Amalfi Coast.

Creating a Personal Odyssey with Mediterranean Cruises

For those who find Ancient history and mythology fascinating, Mediterranean cruises which include visits to all of the classical sites of Ancient Greece can be an inspiring and stimulating experience. A package which includes visits to some of the most famous locations in Athens and includes a cruise to Greece鈥檚 neighboring islands can provide a variety of activities and many great photo opportunities.

Italy Vacation Packages 鈥?Visiting the Great Art Cities

Italy鈥檚 art heritage includes greats such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Travelers who are interested in art can choose Italy vacation packages which include visits to great art cities, such as Florence where Michelangelo鈥檚 鈥楧avid鈥?can be viewed. In the art museums of Italy鈥檚 major cities Wholesale College Jerseys China , many ancient paintings and sculptures can be seen, and there are also the magnificent frescoes of famous artists to be seen in Italy鈥檚 beautiful chapels.

Explore Greece on Cruises Including Neighboring Destinations

In addition to touring Greece, cruises around the Mediterranean can include visits to neighboring countries such as Croatia, making it possible to see as much of Europe as one can within the space of a week or two. Each destination has its own distinct treasures to offer travelers Wholesale College Jerseys , and a package which includes major cities and small out of the way villages offers a balanced perspective of a country.

Learning to Cook via Spain Vacation Packages

Taking a local cookery class in Spanish cooking is not nearly the same as taking cooking lessons in Spain, from a professional gourmet chef, in an authentic setting. While certain ingredients may be hard to obtain due to differences in climate, those who tour Spain on vacation packages can enjoy being able to source all of the freshest and finest ingredients locally Wholesale Throwback Jerseys , and can learn how to make great food while also exploring the beauty of Spain鈥檚 landscapes and architecture.

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