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line is for water

By Abu Hanifah

JAKARTA , Aug. 20 (Xinhua)-- Indonesia now awaits the fate of the nation within the next five years as the Constitution Court ( MK) is scheduled to issue its ruling on election dispute on Thursday, a test to run democracy in the country.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has asked the whole nation to accept and respect whatever the ruling to be issued by MK, instructed police and the military to preserve the security to anticipate possible riots incited by certain party unsatisfied with the ruling. "His expectation is that the ruling issued by MK would be accepted by the people, hoping them to restrain themselves from doing contra-productive things ,"presidential spokesperson Julian Aldrin Pasha said Wednesday.

Considering on the importance of the MK ruling, the president canceled his planned official activities to open landmark sailing event of Raja Ampat Sail in Papua initially scheduled Thursday.

The president also held a particular cabinet meeting to discuss anticipation measures related to the would-be issued executive ruling.

Citing to intelligence information, Indonesian Police Chief Gen. Soetarman hinted that there will be movement of thousands of people to the capital city related to the MK ruling. "Those people would come from West Java, East Java , Banten and Bali,"the police chief said on the sidelines of the cabinet meeting. Police initially said that they would deploy some 22,000 personnel to guard the MK premises and vital points in the capital city.

Indonesian Military Commander Gen. Moeldoko said the military would deploy some 23,000 troops to assist police in carrying out their jobs securing the situation prior and after the reading of MK ruling.

Since Aug. 6 , the MK has been conducting hearings related to appeal filed in by the losing candidate Prabowo Subianto who claimed frauds have been taking place in the July 9 presidential election.

The frauds that he regarded as massive, structured and systematic made him lose the votes. According to calculation compiled by his camp, he claimed that he won the election. Prabowo accused that the General Election Commission (KPU), the organizer of the election , had not conducted its job properly.

The KPU has announced Prabowo's arch rival, the Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo, as the winner of the election as he gained 53.15 percent votes compared to 46.85 percent secured by the former general Prabowo Subianto.

The ruling options that might be issued by the MK were to reject or receive appeal with consequence to hold re-voting to qualify the winner of the election.

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