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do it at the beginning

If you are a beginner , high school, collage or professional athlete you know how important being in shape is. One, just for your health and well being and second to be in top shape when the game is on the line. I was always told that what I put into my off season training in the summar months will show up in February and March during the basketball season. It was always hard to keep motivated to stay in the gym in June , July and August when everybody else was out enjoying their summer. If you include some of these tips into your workout you can get your work in and still have time for your fun.

This also, includes all of you who just want to get into shape and stay there. It is easier some times to get started, but it is those few weeks down the road when you have been working out for three weeks or a month and you hit a wall it tells you to quit. You must go through that wall because what you are looking for is on the other side of that wall. Now for the tips.

Adjust your current workout routine to reduce more flab.

A.) Cut Back On Break Time: Progessively decrease seconds off your break time can help to raise your metabolism. Now the definition of Break Time bring it down to 30 seconds between sets and reduce your time to 1 minute between exercises. Depending on where you workout , at home or at a gym, this could be a problem if you workout in a gym where you have to wait on a machine when the gym is busy. But, if you are lucky enough to have your own workout room at home then you can control your Break Time .

B.) Workout Your Whole Body: If you have been following a routine of upper body exercisies one day , lower body the next. Condense both into one day. Your growth hormone levels will spike and that burns flab. Another tip is after you get your stretching in at the beginning of your workout, get your running out of the way. If yolu are like me you hate to run so instead of running at the end of your workout do it at the beginning. If you are training for a sport that you are playing in high school, collage or if you are so lucky the pros; you should do your cardo at the end of your workout to build up your stamina. AS you well know , when your season starts and you start practice your coach will always make you run or do cardo at the end of practive when you are tired after a couple hours of practice.

C.) Alternate Your Sets: For example, do a set of a upper body exercise followed by an lower body exercise. Such as a military press followed by a leg press. The results of this will give one muscle group time to recover while you work another muscle group. Another tip is to vary your workout by doing different exercises each day even though you are still working that particular mucle group, this will assist you in keeping your workout from getting stale.

D.) Speed Up Your Workout: You can burn more calories by doing explosive exercises by using lighter weights and lifting more explosively on the upward phase of the movement. With the lighter weights you can increase your reps per set as you go through your workout.

E.) Add An Additional Set To Workout: The majority of workouts are based on the idea of 10 reps per set. But you can get a much bigger spike in metabolism by reducing your reps and tacking on an additional set. Try sets of eight reps.

As you can see there are various ways to get the job done in reducing your Flab. The main thing is that you get started on a workout program if you haven t already or if you are already working out you can use these tips to tweak your current routine to drop more blubber.
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