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BEIRUT Nathaniel Clyne World Cup Jersey , Nov. 25 (Xinhua) -- Anti-drug body of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) said Tuesday it smashed a dangerous Captagon ring that had global connections, and arrested a number of suspects.

According to an ISF statement, "months ago, the central anti-drug bureau obtained information about the entry into Lebanon of B. Carbozov, a Bulgarian national and chemical expert specialized in manufacturing Captagon pills and amphetamine base."

It added that "the 47-year-old Carbozov is one of the most dangerous manufacturers in the world."

The ISF pointed that Carbozov arrived in Beirut at the request of Palestinian national M. Khalaf and Syrian citizen S. al-Qannas with the aim of "manufacturing narcotic Captagon pills and smuggling them to a Gulf state."

The Security Agency revealed that the three dealers were arrested on Sunday in separate operations in Beirut Marcus Rashford World Cup Jersey , the South and the Bekaa following "coordination with Saudi security authorities and two months of investigations and surveillance."

The anti-drug bureau has also managed to identify the rest of the international ring's members "who hail from several countries," the ISF added, noting that "efforts are underway to arrest them in cooperation with the competent Saudi authorities."

The Captagon, the trademark name for the synthetic stimulant fenethylline, was first produced in the 1960s to treat hyperactivity Kyle Walker World Cup Jersey , narcolepsy and depression, but was banned in most countries in the 1980s as too addictive.

The drug remains hugely popular in the Middle East, and is cheap and simple to make.

The Captagon smuggling operations from Lebanon to the Gulf states was under severe scrutiny in the past few years, and the ISF has managed to thwart many such operations and arresting a number of suspects.

The Advantages of Internet Marketing in Greece Published: 08.08.2008 | Author: serifis | Category: Advertising, Business Kieran Gibbs World Cup Jersey , Internet Business, Internet Marketing, PPC Advertising, SEO, Site Promotion

For all modern enterprises Jordan Henderson World Cup Jersey , internet marketing has become the most practical method of appointing promotions and facilitating transactions. Aside from a relatively inexpensive or cheaper means of promoting business, it also brought certain businesses closer to their target audience and market base. All of these have been made possible by the power of World Wide Web. Since today鈥檚 generation of consumers or customers has grown substantial levels of dependency to the convenience offered by the internet, Internet marketing has spread all over the world, especially in the country of Greece. Internet marketing Greece has noted significant increases in the sales of various businesses. All because of the ease and minimized costs of running a business with the aid of the tools that are offered by internet marketing service providers.

The ability to reach wider range of market audience and market base has made internet marketing Greece very effective in promoting and sustaining businesses. At a relatively low capital, having to rely on internet marketing serve ice providers was proven to double or triple businesses鈥?capital in the shortest possible time. Aside from the convenience it offers in running a business Jonjo Shelvey World Cup Jersey , it even minimized the need for expensive advertising gigs since the internet has maximized the opportunities of optimizing the popularity of certain businesses at a relatively cheaper cost, compared to doing advertising the conventional way.

Since state-of-the-art software is used in internet marketing Greece, internet marketers have gained access to more accurate means of monitoring their businesses. When it comes to transactions, money flow and order listings, keeping track on how the business goes is easier and faster. Since the marketer can instantly determine which product or service hits a tender spot against its competition John Stones World Cup Jersey , they can instantly formulate strategies which will further the successes of their businesses. All of these can be done without the need of traditionally expensive operations costs.

Exposure, response and overall efficiency; business operations can only do so much at a given span of time. But when certain businesses resort to internet marketing, a whole month鈥檚 work can be done in a week. This means faster transactions and more efficient service, which is translated into faster cash flow. The successes of internet advertising Greece goes to show the incredibly high success rates of doing businesses online.

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Mistake #1 - Criticizing Your Spouse

It's easy to criticize your spouse for not being perfect while we ignore our own imperfections. We need to focus on what we can do and give to our relationship rather than on whether or not our spouse has imperfections or idiosyncrasies that bother us.

After all Joe Hart World Cup Jersey , there is a good chance that you knew about those imperfections long before you married them. Yet, you made a decision that in the grand scheme of things they really didn't matter. Well, you were right, they really don't matter and you need to get over it!

Instead of wasting your energy dwelling on their faults, use your energy to create a balance in your life between family Jamie Vardy World Cup Jersey , friends, work, sports, hobbies, recreation James Milner World Cup Jersey , and other interests.

When you work on your own life, you are less likely to hyper focus on the imperfections of your spouse.

Mistake #2 - Making Fun of Your Spouse

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