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Central and local governments across the world are investing in ICT technologies which help in providing better services to organizations … rs-jersey/ , citizens and constituents. The budget constraints are pushing the government enterprises to find innovative ways to operate at low costs and use efficient ways. Increasing data centers and reducing operating costs is one such strategy being adopted by various governments. With cloud computing becoming an important aspect of services, data centers usage has witnessed high growth which has the need for data cooling solutions to cut down costs associated with operation, so that investments are limited to budget allocated.
The need to augment storage capacity has become a kind of work in progress for every major enterprise; there is a continuous rise in the numbers of data hungry customers and applications. The data center market is buoyed by the positive sentiments in the economy and the strong resurgence of growth related projects across many verticals. Indian economy is estimated to grow at a healthy pace and most of the companies are keen on setting up their infrastructure in the country. In addition the government’s initiatives with programmes like Digital India, Make in India are also encouraging the companies and led to the generation of massive amounts of data, which will further boost the demand for data center solutions. Various eGovernance initiatives of center and state governments are fuelling the demand for data center cooling market.

Various companies such as IBM, Amazon, Microsoft … rs-jersey/ , Google, VMware, HP, Teradata, Oracle, SAP, EMC … rs-jersey/ , Cisco, and Avayay are seeing tremendous business potential in India. With many big players setting their local data centers in the country there is a boom for data center cooling market. The market opportunity for India data center industry continues to mature with the increasing internet usage, social networking and IT services such as cloud and virtualization. Due to stringent government regulations the industry expects better opportunities in 2015.
The initiatives taken by the government to promote the country as a favorable investment destination made Indian enterprises focus on building intelligent data centers that will be optimizing existing hardware assets by using additional software capabilities. Cooling is an important aspect of data center management, as majority of the power consumption by data centers is used for cooling systems. The operators will shift to lower operating expenditures in coming years. The advancements in Data center have led to increasing energy demands, which require efficient cooling techniques.
The rapid need for more data centers to house the growing server population due to the insatiable need for more business applications has increased cost and energy usage. With governments contemplating regulations on power consumptions, companies need to reduce energy consumption. After the recent financial crisis, companies are looking to optimize their spending on cooling as it cannot be totally removed. Newer cooling mechanisms consume far much lesser electricity and reduce the total cost of ownership for companies. Hence … rs-jersey/ , there is good opportunity as companies are increasingly adopting newer cooling systems which are both cost-efficient and energy efficient.
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