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you read about the young socialite

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Self-expression has been around since the very dawn of mankind. It’s one of the ways humans find self-awareness and influence others. Fashion allows us to release that artistic bent and acts as a vehicle for creativity for many. The way we dress truly expresses much about us, and has become an icon of the decades.

With each new decade comes a new style, and many decades have brought about memorable fashion trends. While the big hair trend of the 1980s and the bell-bottoms of the 1970s were both distinct in their respective decades for fashion and expression, it was the style of the 1960s that broke fashion traditions and paved the way for the future in the fashion industry.

The early ’60s boasted the charm of one of the most trend-setting first ladies of all time, Jackie Kennedy. She made popular the elegant French manicure, fake eyelashes, and the stylish pillbox hat. Women during this time wore pastel colored suits with short boxy jackets and large buttons. “Shifts,” which were simple, straight-lined geometric dresses, were also in style for women, along with Capri trousers for casual wear. For men, it was often a tie that made the difference, many of which consisted of vibrant prints and patterns, coupled with jackets that were sometimes collarless.

Later in that same decade, in 1964, fashion was impacted when Mary Quant designed the mini-skirt. Every stylish young woman in the western world was wearing the mini-skirt. Also in 1964, Andre Courreges, a French designer, introduced the “space look.” This style included trouser suits, white boots, goggles, and box-shaped skirts that were three inches above the knees. The fabric of this look featured fluorescent colors and was often adorned with shiny sequins.

In addition to the above-mentioned designers, the British were leaders in the fashion industry during the mid 1960s. Modernists, also known as “Mods,” were characterized by their choice of lifestyle and fashion. The Mods were known for the modern Jazz that they listened to, and for their classy fashion, which adopted the clothing and hairstyles of popular designers in Italy and France. This style included tailored suits and parkas Cheap Jerseys , which became known as the City Gent look. Shirts were fitted and often paired with tight fitting pants, and Levi’s were the only jeans worn by these Modernists.

Women who participated in the Mod look showed off short, stylish haircuts, and dressed much like the men, in fitted blouses and tight slacks. By the late ’60’s, the “hippie look” was making definite inroads in the fashion world, with flared, bell-bottom jeans, peasant blouses, tie-dyed t-shirts, and headbands. Sandals were the popular shoe choices, and women would often go barefoot and braless. Psychedelic colors, animal prints, and hemp material were all a part of the hippie style.

It was during the late 1960s that men’s hats gave way to printed bandanas, and both men and women grew long hair. The unkempt hippie look continued into the 1970s-along with full-grown beards, which had begun in 1966. The fashion of the 1960s was constantly changing and adapting to new trends and styles, as it was a decade that pushed boundaries and changed the entire concept of fashion forever.

The 21st century has brought forward a number of older styles, which have become popular once more. Also, there are newer concepts in fashion such as darker, drab looks, baggy, saggy looks, heavy chains, and harsher, contrasting looks of the Emo and Gothic groups. Today’s teenagers’ fashions seem to be heavily influenced by popular bands. To be sure, the current century has created many of its own fashion trends, yet continues to bring back some of the old styles of the 1960s Cheap NFL Jerseys China , as well as from other important fashion decades.

Once Upon a Storm, by Hal Fleming, is a mystery novel that is set during the fashion conscious 1960s. The book follows the journeys of several characters, including a young white debutante, a West Indies folk singer, a Cape Cod police officer, and the debutante’s eccentric father during a time when fashion was being heavily impacted by pop culture.

Hal Fleming illustrates with great detail the time, setting and appearance of each character. As you read about the young socialite, you will experience the styles and fashions of every walk of life from African American to white, from rich to poor.

Once Upon a Storm, which can be purchased at Amazon and other booksellers, is a read that will take you back to the 1960s, where you will experience anew all that was so much a part of that very unique time in history. Hal Fleming brings to life every aspect of a time that will never be forgotten. Find out more at www.halflem.

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Re: you read about the young socialite

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