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Logical Operations Certified CyberSec First Responder (CFR) Exam CFR-210 contains 100 Multiple ChoiceMultiple ResponseDrag-and-Drop questions. The candidate will have 120 minutes to complete the exam. It is available in English language.
This examination consists of 4 sections. The percentages subsequent to every section title reflect the estimated distribution of the entire question set across the sections. Certified CyberSec First Responder
Threat Landscape 25%
Contrast and distinguish a range of threats and categorize threat profiles Wholesale Orleans Saints Jerseys , clarify the principle and use of attack tools and techniques, explicate the reason and use of post exploitation tools and tactics , elucidate the point and use of social engineering tactics, specified a situation, carry out ongoing threat landscape study and use data to get ready for incidents.
Passive Data-Driven Analysis 27%
Give details of the purpose and properties of diverse data sources; specified a scenario, use proper tools to scrutinize logs; specified a scenario, utilize regular expressions to parse log files and trace meaningful data.
Active Asset and Network Analysis 28%
Specified a scenario, employ Windows tools to examine incidents Wholesale England Patriots Jerseys , specified a scenario, utilize Linux-based tools to investigate incidents, review methods and tools used for malware scrutiny and specified a scenario, investigate common indicators of possible compromise.
Incident Response Lifecycle 20%
Elucidate the significance of top practices in preparation for incident response; specified a scenario, implement incident response process, clarify the significance of concepts that are exclusive to forensic analysis and clarify all-purpose mitigation methods and devices.
Although there are no prescribed requisites to register and schedule a CFR-210 exam time, Logical Operations suggest you first acquire the knowledge, ability Wholesale Minnesota Vikings Jerseys , and aptitude to do the following:
• Evaluate information security risk in computing as well as in network environments.
• Examine the cybersecurity landscape.
• Study reconnaissance threats to computing as well as in network environments.
• Scrutinize assaults on computing and network environments.
• Evaluate post-attack techniques on computing as well as in network environments.
• Assess an organization’s defense posture inside a risk management frame.
• Gather cybersecurity acumen.
• Investigate data gathered from security and event logs.
• Carry out vigorous analysis on assets and networks.
• React to cybersecurity incidents.
• Examine cybersecurity confrontations.
The successful individual will have the acquaintance and expertise required to efficiently identify, recognize, and react to malicious activities concerning data systems. Moreover, the candidate will have the introductory understanding to deal with a shifting threat landscape and will be proficient to carry out root cause analysis, conclude scope, precisely report results, and propose remediation actions.
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