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#1 08-08-2017 07:38:09

From: Ombreprom
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Genji Abilities Showcased in Reveal Trailer

Genji's Abilities Showcased in Reveal Trailer

The Latin American Heroes of the kritika online gold Storm YouTube channel has been updated with a new video that shines the spotlight on Overwatch's Genji, the  next hero heading into the Nexus. Genji arrives as part of Heroes 2.0, a huge update to the game that we affectionately call the "Overwatchification" of HotS.

Once the carefree youngest scion of the Shimada clan, Genji was cut down by his own brother for refusing to take part in their illegal ventures. Grafted into a cyborg body by Overwatch, Genji walks his own path as one who fights for what's right.

Genji's abilities are very similar to those he uses in Overwatch including his trademark Shuriken, Deflect, Swift Strike, Dragonblade and X-Strike.

The Hanamura map will also be released for kritika online kred Heroes 2.0 as well as loot boxes with sprays, voice lines and much more, hence the "Overwatchifcation" (in a good way!) of Heroes of the Storm. BY here now.... well done, so great!