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#1 12-05-2017 04:58:09

From: Ombreprom
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The FIFA ranking team 81th in the world

The FIFA ranking team 81th in the world

FIFA's official website to update the latest issue of the international rankings. The Chinese national team scores and ranking for the second straight month marking time doesn't change, "Gao Gujun" continue to 81th, with 423 points ranked Asian fell a fifa 17 points account, after being beyond Jordan team fell on the location of the 9th. Tomorrow will work with the Chinese team in qinhuangdao for pre-season of Trinidad and Tobago, slipped 11 after the latest ranks 64th.

Score this time, China did not with international grade A game, there was no original points. Together with four years ago at the same time also does not have integral to deduct, so in terms of integral, China still is 423 points, also did not change, as the no. 81, it is also the Chinese team nearly 10 months to tied for the highest ranking, but distance since founded in August 1993 FIFA rankings, the team's 72 average ranking or there is a difference of nine, with the highest ranking in December 1998 37 is a far cry from.

List in the afc, national soccer team are beyond Jordan team, so a fall, ranked ninth. With the China living preliminaries 12 strong battle group five other rivals Iran is still the highest ranked, the latest rankings for 39;South Korea is another team to among the total ranking of plunged, tai chi tiger after four top 50th ranking ascension, uzbekistan's latest ranking in 66, though still the afc list ranked sixth, but only 1 fifa 17 points points less than Saudi Arabia, playmaker always dropped a ranked 84th, with China's gap with 16 points.Syria's integral and rankings are both promoted, their latest ranking in 101.see more of the news by now... come to our center for more fifa fun and coins cheap. It is so cheap and fast!